LIMOITALY could arranges for you Airport, Port and City tranfert in all cities of the Italy.

We can arrange tours in whole Italy for any itinerary requested. Our aim is to offer unforgettable moments and give our clients the chance to admire natural and artistic beauties of Italy in it's countryside, along the sea, next to lakes, on hills and mountains or in the most and least known cities. We think that any interesting site of Italy in art, culture, history and nature is a place you deserve to visit.

We are able to arrange tours for individuals, small groups and big groups with or without tour guide; our drivers display a professional and expert service, offering their complete disponibility from the meeting and greeting of client, untill the end of service, we have the possibility to arrange tours for individuals in full comfort cars or vans, for small groups in minibuses and for big groups in GT coaches.

is a TOUR SPECIALIST: we could arrange and manage your tour from:


WINE TASTING: we are glad to offer special tours where, besides sight, you can enjoy taste; we can arrange tours though the wine streets, among sunny hills in Piemonte, Veneto, Toscana, Umbria, Puglia, Sicily and Lazio. While visiting these regions, you can stop at some wineries on the way and taste different kinds of wine typical of each of these areas. your time is equally divided between wine tastings, winery tours, sightseeing, culture and relax. Besides this, we can arrange food tours at the best and most carachteristic restaurants and agriturisms in Italy, to give the chance to enjoy beauties Italian art and food. Sommeliers an wine's specialist could arrange  visit wineyard and cellars.

ANCESTOR TOUR: Italy has been for many years an emigration's coutry; hundred of thousand of people in the past emigrated worldwide. Their sons and nephews have an Italian last name but they know just a little bit this wonderfool country. 

Your family history research isn’t complete until you’ve visited your ancestral hometown and explored the place your family lived before they made their emigration journey. Just imagine the thrill of visiting the home or church your ancestors attended or spending the afternoon visiting with relatives. Think of the memories you’ll create strolling through your ancestral hometown and window shopping or spending the day with townspeople at a local festival.

LIMOITALY could offer you  the chance to connect to your roots while immersing yourself in your ancestral culture and learning about local customs and traditions.

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